We Appreciate Your Business
& We Want To Thank You

You’ve just purchased a home with us, and we would like to cater a housewarming party for your family and friends.

Take a look at our menu options. Choose one of our 4 options that best suits you.

Pick a date! Let us know when you want your party. For your convenience and ours, please give us a minimum of 30 days to prepare.
This gives you time to unwind and settle in to your new home.

Confirm with us! Once we get your request, one of our experts will review everything and send you a notice of confirmation. We look forward to seeing you soon!


All menu options include tea & lemonade,
all condiments and paper products/utensils for 25 guests.

PIT SPECIAL                                  CHICKEN CAESAR
Pit Beef & Turkey                                      Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Rolls & Handmade Chips                          Toppings on the Side
Fresh Potato Salad                                    Rolls with Butter
Creamy Coleslaw                                       Assorted Cookie Tray
Homemade Blondies & Brownies


WINGS & MORE                               SHREDDED SPECIAL

Old Bay, Naked & Hooters Wings               Pulled Pork & Beef Brisket
Tia Chile Meatballs w/ Dipping Sauces       Rolls & Handmade Chips
Mini Spinach Cakes                                    Creamy Coleslaw
Mini Black Bottoms & Cheese Cakes          Homemade Blondies & Brownies